Cordia sebestena, Lal Lasora – Plant

Cordia sebestena, Lal Lasora – Plant

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Appearing throughout the year, but especially in spring and summer, are dark orange, 2 inches across flowers which appear in clusters at branch tips.



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01 Cordia sebestena, Lal Lasora Plant

Description for Cordia sebestena, Lal Lasora

Plant height: 24 – 36 inches
Plant spread:

Scarlet cordia is a small shapely tree which grows up to be 25 feet tall and as wide and can develop a trunk 12 inches thick.

Common name(s): Scarlet Cordia, Kamla buhal, Challekendala, Virigi , Bohari, Geiger Tree, Lal Lasora, Orange Geiger Tree, Aechinaruvihli, Sebesten plum, Raktarag
Flower colours: Dark Orange
Bloom time: spring and summer
Max reachable height: 25 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy

Planting and care

Outdoor plant

Sunlight: Full sun
Soil: Loamy soil
Water: Normal
Temperature: 20 to 40 degrees C
Fertilizer: Use any organic fertilizer

Caring for Cordia sebestena

    Give plants a thick mulch, especially in northern growing areas.

Typical uses of Cordia sebestena

Special features: Flowers are orange, with a narrowly crinkly tube, flaring open into a flat-faced flower.




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